A road trip designed to combine the magnificent landscapes of the Andes with the exclusive experience of Argentina and Chile’s wine country. The trip starts in Mendoza, on the west side of the Andes. We will drive through the beautiful roads of Uco Valley and visit the main wineries of the region. There, we will participate in wine tastings conducted by prestigious winemakers and enologists. We will then cross the Andes to Chile through the Pehuenche Path, where we will be able to enjoy the roads of the Andean steppe, the Valle Hermoso Lake and the mountain rivers.

Once in Chile, we will drive though the wine roads of Santa Cruz Valley and Casa Blanca, including the coastal roads and cliffs of the Pacific Ocean. We will enjoy the characteristic landscapes and cuisine of Valparaiso and the exclusive beaches of Zapallar. After a few days in the pacific coast we will cross the Andes back, this time through the Libertadores Path, which is consider one of the most spectacular mountain roads in the world. We will drive by the mighty Aconcagua (the tallest mountain in America, second to the Everest) and finish the day with a big dinner party in Mendoza.

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